May 17th-19th

The Bare Elegance Event

3 Days of Sexy; Fine Art Nude, Boudoir, Fetish, Pinup & more

Workshop Overview

Prepare for a thrilling exploration of the sexy side of photography! This three-day event offers a rich array of experiences, including photographing diverse models and receiving guidance from multiple expert instructors. Connect with fellow photographers who share your passions, and delve into topics such as fine art nude posing, lighting for the human form, boudoir business, pinup photography, erotic/fetish shoots, glamor lighting, and more! Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a keen learner, or someone eager to exchange ideas, this event promises to leave you reinvigorated like never before!

If you’ve previously attended my fine art nude or burlesque workshops, you’ve gotten a taste of what is in store for this event. So, what makes this event different? We’ve packed a lot different ‘types’ of sexy into one weekend with more diverse types of shoots, business lectures, and multiple instructors. We are also exploring more in the realm of boudoir and pinup photography to help expand your horizons even more!

Benefits of attending

Examples of images we'll create!

Day 1: May 17th

Fine Art Nude

The first day of the event you’ll learn to photograph the human form at its purest – the nude! The day will begin by establishing the essentials of etiquette, lighting and posing for the nude form. You’ll then have the opportunity to photograph several inspirational sets with amazing professional models as I walk you through the setups. In the afternoon we’ll be introducing a guest fine art nude photographer who will be demoing a live shoot and speaking about their expertise along the way. Last but not least, during the evening session you’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded photographers as you enjoy a Q&A panel of art nude models and others that work with the nude form.
A preview of some of our models:

Class: Capturing the Nude Form with Florals

Join Bella Kotak as she takes you step-by-step through her creative process capturing whimsical art nude images with a floral motif. Photographers will learn the process of creating a narrative, storyboarding, sculpting light, and directing subjects. Through her live demonstration she will show how she achieves balance and harmony of the subject and natural elements. Furthermore, you’ll gain insights into some of her favorite post-processing techniques to expertly unify the color palette.

About Bella

Bella Kotak is a fine art, fashion, and portrait photographer known for her ethereal, feminine, and whimsical style. Kotak’s work is deeply influenced by the natural world, fairy tales, and strong feminine characters. She often incorporates elements of nature, such as flowers and natural light, to create dreamlike and vibrant images that celebrate beauty, strength, and resilience. Her photography is not just a display of technical skill, but a reflection of her personal experiences and emotions, inviting viewers into a magical and thought-provoking world.

Day 2: May 18th

Burlesque + Fetish

Our second day we will explore glitz, glam and fetish. You’ll see how concept development and styling can play a significant role in truly alluring imagery. You’ll begin the day photographing professional burlesque models in incredible costuming, proceeded by a lecture and live demonstration in the realm of fetish and erotic photography. 

In the evening is a group pizza party, followed by a lecture from a guest speaker who runs an incredibly successful boudoir business that you won’t want to miss!

A preview of some of our models (subject to change, more may be added!):

Class: 7 Strategies for a 7 Figure Studio

Uncover strategies that can propel any sized studio into a lucrative business model with simple concepts that can be implemented today! Andrew Hiorth, owner of a multi-million dollar boudoir studio, will help you learn to scale your business and increase your revenue with predictability even without a big marketing budget. You will walk away with thought-provoking ideas and action items to start making the right business decisions for your growth.

About Andrew

Andrew Hiorth is a photographer and owner of Fable Studios; a multi-million dollar studio in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to providing clients with a transformative, luxury fine art boudoir experience. Fable’s mission is to change the lives of 1,000 women each year. As a multi-award-winning photographer whose background includes over 20 years of HR, Training & Development, Business, and Sales; Andrew’s mission is to coach and train people to make a 7 figure income.

Class: Art Photography in Safe, Creative Spaces

Learn to create dynamic, beautiful photographs of the human form whether art nudes, fetish, bondage, or shibari. You’ll learn to create a space where your subjects feel heard, secure and respected, allowing you to further explore the facets of human expression. This demo/presentation will allow your subjects to step ‘outside their comfort zone’ while very much existing within a comfortable space.

About Renee

Renée Robyn has chased the perfect backdrop around the world approaching photography like a treasure hunter. Her compositions are uniquely cinematic, often becoming pieces of a bigger world represented beyond reality. Expertly blending fact, fiction, and a little digital alchemy, she works with tech giants Adobe, Wacom, Viewsonic, Elinchrom and Intel. Her work has also been commissioned by entertainment icons like Nita Strauss, Housecore Horror, The Alberta Ballet and others. An expert retoucher, Renée applies the same level of commitment to post-processing leveraging her mastery of colour theory, editing, light, and shadow in the digital realm of Photoshop.

Day 3: May 19th


Our final day dives even deeper into the world of boudoir. You’ll learn essential boudoir posing techniques and have an opportunity to photograph a variety of different boudoir subjects and body types. Then our event wraps up with a lecture on the art and business of pin-up photography, and a final farewell to all!

A preview of some of our models (subject to change, more may be added!):

Class: The Art and Business of Pinup Photography

Pinup photography is a wonderful avenue to create unique images and empowering experiences for your clients. Heather Stumpf of Vavoom Pinups will share her strategies for successful pinup images and business. She will cover a wide range of insightful topics to help you embrace the emotionally and financially rewarding world of pinup photography. Topics include selecting wardrobe, creating positive and comfortable environments, collaborating with hair and makeup artists, essential pinup posing tips, and pinup marketing strategies.

About Heather

Heather Stumpf, the creative force behind Vavoom Pinups in Chicago, has redefined the art of pinup photography. Known for her keen eye and commitment to authenticity, Heather creates a personalized and empowering experience for her clients. Heather’s work extends beyond capturing captivating visuals; she actively advocates for ethical practices in photography, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Class: Boudoir Magic

Join Cate Scaglione, Boudoir Photographer of the Year (AIBP), as she shows you how to level up your boudoir photography business in every aspect! From optimizing your boudoir brand to mastering the aesthetics that set you apart, Cate will guide you through the sensual storylines and proven client direction that lead to stronger posing and larger sales.

About Cate

Cate Scaglione is an International, award winning boudoir photographer for over 15 years. Cate’s fine art and fashion-conscious yet cathartic approach to boudoir photography has made her a respected and sought after speaker in the photo industry, with a focus on helping boudoir photographers find their own inner magic that shapes authentic, life-changing experiences for their clients. Named the Photographer of the Year 2023 by AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers), Cate continues her pursuit to further elevate the boudoir genre. Portrait:



Intro & Demo

Day1: Fine Art Nude
Lindsay Adler will kick off the by by building strong foundations for the essentials of flattering the nude form. She’ll share her approach to etiquette, go-to art nude poses, and will demonstrate how she directs her subjects to create stunning, flattering shapes. You’ll then have an opportunity to photographs several beautiful sets with professional art nude models.


Hands-on Shooting & Fine Art demo

Day 1: Fine Art Nude
Guest photographer Bella Kotak will demonstrate her techniques for creating striking, dream-like compositions and images using the nude form and florals.


Attendee networking / Panel + Q&A

Day 1: Fine Art Nude
Spend time networking with fellow photographers. Then, enjoy a panel of professional art nude models to discuss the industry, do’s and don’ts, and what makes a successful shoot.


Hands-on Shooting with professional burlesque models

Day 2: Burlesque + Fetish
Lindsay Adler will guide you through her creative process of glitz, glam, lighting, set design and… burlesque! She’ll break down her approach to lighting each scene with advanced studio lighting techniques, and then you’ll have an opportunity to shoot a variety of stunning setups with professional burlesque models and costumes.


Lecture and demo on fetish/erotic photography

Day 2: Burlesque + Fetish
Guest speaker Renee Robyn will teach you how to ensure safe spaces for your subjects to create striking imagery, whether art nude, fetish, or shibari. Through live demonstration she will bring one of these images to life.


Pizza Group Dinner + guest lecture

Day 2: Burlesque
Guest speaker Andrew Hioth will share his formula for success running a 7 figure boudoir business, and provide actionables to use these techniques in your own boudoir system!


Boudoir posing demo

Day 3: Boudoir
Guest speaker Cate Scaglione will share her secrets to boudoir magic for the growth of your business, poses, and the magic that occurs between you and your subjects while making cherished images.


Hands-on Boudoir Shooting

Day 3: Boudoir
Photograph a variety of studio boudoir sets using carefully sculpted lighting. Lindsay Adler will share some of her favorite techniques for flattering the form in-studio and creating unexpected boudoir setups aside from the ‘typical’.



Day 3: Boudoir
Guest speaker Heather Strumpf will teach The Art and Business of Pinup Photography. Add another dimension to your work, and learn how Heather has made pinup a thriving part of her photographic success including marketing and creative techniques.

Hear What Attendees Are Saying

"An amazingly productive and engaging workshop. Was worth all the time, money, and travel. Lindsay is engaging and great at explaining the concepts, fun and creative. Her team had everything moving smoothly. 100% recommend!"

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Our workshop is held in beautiful Historic Downtown Jersey City, minutes away from the Holland Tunnel and Manhattan as well as only 20 minutes from Newark International Airport.

Our workshops cater to a variety of different experience levels ranging from beginner to advanced level topics and vary depending on the format. A basic understanding of how your camera operates is required, however you do not need to be overly versed in lighting or equipment as Lindsay provides explanations and instruction. If you still have questions about whether the workshop is for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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First and foremost you’ll need a camera, since the majority of this workshop is about portfolio building and we’ll be taking plenty of photos. 

You’ll also want to bring plenty of memory cards, and batteries.

You do not need to bring any lighting equipment or modifiers as that is provided. 

We prefer attendees not bring tripods as they can be obtrusive and get in the way of others. If you do require something to stabilize your camera, we recommend bringing a monopod. 

A laptop is also not required, although we do have follow along portions for retouching so you can bring one at your own discretion. 

Please also refer to our pre-workshop information email that is sent out several weeks before the workshop for any updated or additional information.

We will provide a meal each of a workshop as well as snacks and beverages. If you have certain dietary restrictions we have a full sized refrigerator so that you can bring and store your food.

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I would love to take another workshop with Lindsay! Everything was so efficient and well organized and I was blown away by the talented teams and models we worked with. Thank you for such a fun experience!
Top notch from A-Z!! You know how people will share a recipe you love, but then it never turns out the same...b/c they likely didn't include their special ingredient?!? Well, it's just the opposite at Lindsay's workshop! She breaks down every set up with easy to understand explanations of the hows and why behind every lighting/styling/posing/post decision she makes. She's an open book eager to make the commercial world photographers better! Lindsay and her whole team made this an incredible experience that will certainly help take my skills to the next level! Can't recommend this enough!
The workshop exceeded my expectations. Lindsay is an amazing instructor! And the creative team did an outstanding job
Lindsay is the best of the best and can teach simultaneously to intermediates and advanced level photographers so that everyone walks away with what they need. She is full of energy but focused and determined to get through a ton of setups. As a studio owner and full-time professional for nearly a decade, I find her style and approach to photography refreshing and inspirational. Can't wait to work with her again!
If you're trying to become a fashion photographer, this is probably the most in depth workshop jam packed with information you'll need if you're serious about making this your full time job. Classes are small, staff is extremely helpful, and Lindsay is a joy to learn from and makes things simple enough for anyone to catch on quickly and get the most out of. This is the best "head start" into this industry you could ask for.
If you are second guessing taking a workshop, I'm here to tell you to BET ON YOURSELF. This course taught me everything it said it would and then some and I am soaking it all up to perfect for my own business. Lindsay teaches you that it's possible to shoot and make money but also shoot for passion and I think many photographers have a hard time navigating the two, I know I did. But now I know it's possible and I am ready to make the changes. If you're unsure, don't be, trust the process!
Lindsay's teaching style is very detailed yet in a very understandable and approachable style. She works with the attendees to individually to be sure they understand and if not, helps them correct what they are doing. Her creativity at combining photo techniques, suggestions for working with models and set ups is outstanding.
The planning, choice of models, staff, assistants, and Lindsay herself were perfection. I extended my capabilities, image impact, creativity and overall quality substantially, and got great images for my portfolio.

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