New Photography Workshops!

I’m super excited to introduce 3 brand new in-person photography workshops that I’ll be hosting at my Jersey City, NJ studio in 2024 + my private workshop experience! See below for details:

Money Making Lighting Setups

Money Making Intensive - Lindsay Adler Photography

September 10th, 2024

This workshop focuses on money-making lighting setups where participants will learn tried and true techniques for earning consistent income with their portrait photography. Through hands-on experience with different lighting scenarios and Lindsay’s expert guidance, attendees will gain practical insights on manipulating light, while also receiving valuable tips on posing, composition, directing subjects, and more, to create impactful and marketable images. Whether you’re an emerging or experienced photographer, this workshop promises to elevate your photography business to new heights.

Avant-Garde Beauty

Avant-garde beauty photography workshop with Lindsay Adler

September 9th, 2024

During this workshop, Lindsay will provide you with insights into her iconic style and techniques for creating mesmerizing images that blend technical mastery and artistic vision. You’ll have the opportunity to watch and learn as Lindsay flawlessly combines elements of lighting, composition, and posing to create jaw-dropping images that command attention. Attendees will have the opportunity to photograph at least 8 expertly crafted lighting setups featuring professional models with bold looks and avant-garde styling. 

One Light Artistry

One Light Artistry Workshop - LIndsay Adler Photography

April 13th, 2024

Discover the art of creating captivating images with just a single light source during this hands-on intensive workshop. Lindsay will share invaluable techniques for achieving stunning results with the gear you already have while teaching topics such as lighting principles, how to shape and control light and much more.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to photograph expertly crafted lighting setups with professional models, styling and makeup. Whether you’re an aspiring portrait photographer or seeking to sharpen your lighting skills, this workshop will be an eye-opening experience!

Private Workshops

Lindsay Adler Photography

Experience a personalized and exclusive learning opportunity with Lindsay Adler through a private workshop tailored to your specific photography goals where you’ll receive one-on-one guidance and insights.

Book a private workshop for yourself or up to 10 friends

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